The trouble with Sochi

As the world media heads to Russia for the Olympics this week, we quickly began seeing journalists at Sochi live-tweeting their hilarious and gross hotel experiences. Caitlin Dewey put together all the problems in the Washington Post. Mark Berman there suggested: “If you're gonna read one item about journalists complaining about Sochi read this one by A+ human being @caitlindewey.”

Apparently, aside from the brown water and lack of light bulbs, there are also puppies at the Olympic ski jump venue (right). You can find them with #SochiStrays or just follow the New York Times (@SochiNYT) cause they are, as always, on it.

For some exciting news about the Olympics (which are quickly and surely turning into quite a disaster), head over to the New York Times where their Is That a Luge in Times Square? feature plants winter olympic events over NYC for perspective and fun. Lauren Kirchner with Columbia Journalism Review called it “very silly.” Ann Gerhart at the Washington Post thinks it’s “Most awesome!” Antoine Gara from The Street thinks, “This totally makes sense.”

Oh and Shaun White has withdrawn from the slopestyle in Sochi, citing concerns about the course and potential injury. He will still do the halfpipe though.

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