Surplus of surprises at Sochi

Surplus of surprises at Sochi

Give me liberty, or give me yogurt! A massive shipment of yogurt for American Olympic athletes is being blocked by the Russian government, and you could not be blamed if you mistook this article's quotes for the work of The Onion. Of course, no one could resist a few jokes on this subject. "U.S. and Russia now engaged in a cold (yogurt) war," Politico's Hadas Gold quipped, to which colleague Leigh Munsil responded, "Begrudgingly RTing this pun."

In less surprising but more upsetting news, a dog shelter is "engaged in a frantic last-ditch effort" to save hundreds of Sochi strays. As part of that effort, a dog rescue golfcart barrels down streets in search of strays at risk of execution before tomorrow's opening ceremony. "Crazy, but maybe @Olympics committee shld investigate this kind of thing beFORE announcing host city?" suggested Arthur Bovino at The Daily Mail. "The killing of stray dogs in Russia is breaking my heart & ruining the Olympics (which I've always loved) for me," lamented Rebecca Ford with The Hollywood Reporter.

And we're not sure if this picture is real or not, but if it is, it could be the strangest picture to come out of Sochi, yet. "This is some half-assed bathroom design in  ," joked Matthew Dalton with the Wall Street Journal.

[[Update 3:38 p.m. EST]] It appears that the toilet photo is not, in fact, from Sochi -- and probably wasn't even taken in Russia.]]

We do believe, however, that this badly translated menu exists. "Wait, I thought Russia had a law against this?" KTVB Idaho's Matt Standal teased.

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