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With the opening ceremonies just minutes away, bobsledder Jesse Lumsden tweeted this picture of #teamcanada with the caption: “A sea of red. Ready to march. True North strong and free.”

Over on the slopes, Joe Ward and Kevin Quealy from the New York Times report that snowboarding's slopestyle event was dominated recently by Canadian Mark McMorris. Naila-Jean Meyers there said, “This is so so so so cool.” Gabriel Dance at the Guardian agreed: “v cool. fun to see evolution of olympics coverage from @nytgraphics.”

Regarding a story NBC wrote yesterday “claiming that if you bring your mobile phone or laptop computer to the Sochi Olympics, it'll be immediately hacked the moment you turn it on,” Robert Graham now declares it’s 100% fraudulent. Dejan Kovacevic from Pittsburgh Tribune-Review thinks it’s “FANTASTIC work by @bruce_arthur ravaging NBC's demonstrably FALSE report on alleged hacking in Sochi. What's next?” Roger Yu at USA Today wrote: “NBC report about reporter being hacked in Russia questioned. Engel never did say he was in Sochi.”

For a bit more fun from Sochi, here’s what it looks like when figure skater meets hockey player. The photographic evidence comes courtesy of 4’10” Canadian skater Kirsten Moore-Towers. The hockey player is 6’9” Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Char.

The Wall Street Journal would like Olympic Journalists to Stop Whining. @WSJ themselves tweeted: “A Middle East correspondent to journalists covering #Sochi2014: Stop whining. It could be much worse.” Moni Basu at CNN tweeted: “Thanks @margaretwsj for setting Olympic journos straight.”

Proving that for some, it really is that bad in Sochi, BuzzFeed reports Four LGBT Activists Arrested At St. Peteresburg [stet] Olympics Protest. Matt Sullivan at the Guardian pointed out, “Anastasia Smirnova is a name you're going to hear a lot in #Sochi—especially if the cops are, uh, coming out already.”

Lest we all get swept up in the excitement, The Guardian’s Heidi Moore posted Why I'm not watching the Sochi Olympics. She explained in a tweet: “I’m not watching the Sochi Olympics. I don’t want to use my time and dollars to support abuse.” Colleague Heather Long shared: “@moorehn makes case 4 NOT watching #Olympics2014 ‘My boycott won't world, but it's only econ decision I can live w/.’” Daniel P. Tucker with WNYC pointed out, “A LOT of comments on this one.”

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