Welcome to The Intercept

Also new this morning, Jeremy Scahill introduced The Intercept, the much-anticipated publication of First Look Media. Brian Ries at Daily Beast announced: “Say hello to @ggreenwald’s The Intercept.” Daniel Victor from the New York Times tweeted: “Glenn Greenwald’s The Intercept launched with a…minimalist design.” Ben Dreyfuss from Mother Jones took it further, “Wow hideous.” Dan Gillmor from the Guardian brought it back to the matter at hand: “If you care about surveillance, national security issues, follow @the_intercept right now.”

You can also read Welcome to The Intercept from co-founder Glenn Greenwald. Tom McCarthy at the Guardian tweeted this from Greenwald’s piece: “A primary function of The Intercept is to insist upon & defend..press freedoms frm those who wish to infringe them.” Brian Stelter at CNN pointed out: “As @ggreenwald hinted on @CNNReliable, he has a ‘new well-placed source’ who worked w/ NSA.”

And for their first story, Jeremy Scahill likely tapped that new source to write The NSA's Secret Role in the U.S. Assassination Program. Freelancer Anna Lekas Miller tweeted from the story: "You track 'em, we whack 'em.”

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