... get it? Get it? Okay.

Elaborating on yesterday's news on the sudden success of 'Flappy Bird', we learn from the WSJ that creator Dong Nguyen pulled the game because it proved "too addictive." The AP's Chris Brummitt  deduced, "Believe this is what we used to call a 'good get'. 1st interview with Flappy Bird guy."

But, wait. Forbes also has that story. The NYT'William Alden was incredulous: "Your product is a hit, therefore you shut it down," Alden tweeted, before declaring a campaign to "Replace Dong Nguyen with Walter White." Esquire's Mike Nizza found this detail worth noting: "The nervous Flappy Bird creator 'doodled monkey heads on a pad of paper' during an interview."

And in social media, Business Insider's Nicholas Carlson reports that Facebook changed how the news feed works, and you'll never believe what happened next: Upworthy's traffic suddenly shrank by half. Washington Post'Max Fisher admitted, "I wish I had the emotional maturity to rise above all the Upworthy schadenfreude, but I don’t."

Over at Buzzfeed, though, their CEO is gloating that this is why Facebook isn't crushing them. At the International Business TimesAlexander C. Kaufman breaks it down: "Jonah @peretti basically tells @nichcarlson: BuzzFeed = MTV/ESPN, and Facebook = Time Warner/Comcast."

And speaking of Facebook, can FB tell when you should get married? TIME's Nate Rawlings tried it out, and bemoaned that his target date for getting married was 6 months and 15 days ago. He noted, "@facebook is starting to sound like my mother."

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