Money and power

Over on Politico, Shaun Donovan says Bill de Blasio’s housing plan faces challenges. Kristen Meriwether with City and State explained, “HUD Sec Shaun Donovan says without reforms BdB's housing goals may be “close to impossible” to achieve.”

For a much juicier story, Pervaiz Shallwani at the New York Times found out that De Blasio Called Police Over Pastor's Arrest. Carolyn Ryan there wrote, “This seems odd. Mayor de Blasio called police after a member of his inaugural committee was arrested Monday.” Robert MacMillan with Reuters chalked it up to “Influence.” Once again, Kristen Meriwether chimed in, this time with: “I believe this is the 2nd big scoop this month for @Pervaizistan #ff.”

And heading to a different, if still important, sector of our fair city, the Wall Street Journal says High-Speed Stock Traders Are Turning to Laser Beams. Jason Zweig there tweeted, “BZZZZT!!! Your trade order has been executed. High-frequency traders building network of lasers to transmit data.” Colleague David George-Cosh added, “What do financial markets and Dr. Evil have in common?”

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