Media mash-up

From the Wall Street Journal, we learn news that may be discomfiting for some: Comcast is acquiring Time Warner Cable in an all-stock deal worth $45.2 billion. Co-author Shalini Ramachandran elaborated, "It all transpired in a week. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts was negotiating w/ $TWC over the phone from Sochi Olympics." Joe Ruiz at 41 Action News tried to comfort worrywarts, but it fell flat: "It's OK, everybody. The FCC/FTC will never allo... Shit." Audrea Huff at Stars and Stripes responded to the news by tweeting, "Rage rising."

Bloomberg breaks that down further to $159 a share for Time Warner. Buzzfeed's Evan McMorris-Santoro responded, "Comcast taking over Time Warner is basically The Borg assimilating Emperor Palpatine am i right folks?"

Cue Quartz's Zach Seward to the rescue: one sentence and six charts explains why Comcast is purchasing its competitor. 

In sports news, more waves were made when Yankees baseball player Derek Jeter announced via Facebook that he will retire after the 2014 season. Freelance journalist Mike Cranston pointed out, "This is going to be tough for Ma and Pa Pinstripe."

Also, Rupert Murdoch's chief of staff tweeted Buzzfeed to let them know Murdoch took their 'which billionaire tycoon are you' quiz and it confirmed that he is, in fact, Murdoch. WSJ's Tom Gara had some fun imagining the mogul's thoughts, tweeting, "Charming. I will buy one of these BuzzFeeds of which you speak."

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