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Feb 14, 2014

Following the President’s tweet that he’d be spending the day catching up on House of Cards (us too, POTUS, us too), The Wire’s Philip Bump figured out Basically, @BarackObama Is a Parody Twitter Account. Jessica Galliart at RedEye Chicago wrote, “Clari/reminder: @BarackObama is not actually ... Barack Obama. It's an Organizing for Action account.” Danielle Ivory at the New York Times added, “Big distinction between @BarackObama and Barack Obama, in the sense that one has nothing to do with the other.” Neetzan Zimmerman, formerly of Gawker, pointed out, “BO himself hasn't tweeted in the last four months.”

If you’re wondering what a Week on the High Seas With Paula Deen and Friends is like, be sure to read Caity Weaver’s piece Gravy Boat in Gawker. Jack Dickey at Time Magazine suggested you: “Cruise vicariously through @caityweaver, Paula Deen's best friend.” Freelancer Chris Krewson added, “Gawker's first-person post on the Paula Deen Cruise is worth the click for the graphic alone.”

Similarly, BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins spent 36 Hours On The Fake Campaign Trail With Donald Trump. Colleague Sheera Frenkel said, “Brilliant @mckaycoppins profile on Donald Trump, read him define trolling for Trump.” Bill Hammond at the New York Daily News quoted Trump: "Who knows what's in the deepest part of my mind?" David Graham with The Atlantic said it’s the “greatest, best, most luxurious Donald Trump story ever—or at least the only one you need to read—by @mckaycoppins.” Steven Ginsberg with the Washington Post admitted, “Wish I had assigned this one.”

The Financial Times had Lunch with Glenn Greenwald. Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson there tweeted this quote from the story: “I am not going to be exiled for doing journalism." Colleague Henry Mance pointed out, “Glenn Greenwald promises to return to the US within the next year.” Henry Blodget at Business Insider had a question: “Isn't Glenn already exiled…voluntarily?” While Michael Roston at the New York Times wondered: “What's wrong with his eyes in that illo?”

In other journalism news, The Guardian’s Roy Greenslade writes that Piers Morgan was questioned 'under caution' by Scotland Yard's hacking squad. It may have had to do with any phone hacking that went on during Morgan’s time at the Daily Mirror.

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