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Yesterday's Question of the Day asked …  Long before he was famous, Brad Pitt dropped out of the esteemed Missouri School of Journalism (only two credits shy of graduating) to move to Los Angeles. The rest is history, but what reportedly was his last, unfinished assignment? Appropriately enough, the unfinished assignment was “a hunk calendar” for Journalism 336, an advertising class. Check out that link; it's a fun read!

Congratulations to Irene Ogrodnik at the Global News for being the first to answer that tricky question! Honorable mentions also go out to Marty RayGary Metzker (who is a Mizzou '76 grad), Jeanne KirkDagmar EbaughPittsburgh Magazine's Cindi Lash (whose spouse was a Mizzou TA then, but not for that class), Jason HenselEdward Tenner, Latrice DavisBill Chuck (who wondered if the calendar only had nine months?), Craig Pittman at the Tampa Bay Times, Claudine LaforceRachel Roh, and Hugh Cutler.

For today's question, we made it holiday-relevant: After the Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929, one bank robber named Byron Bolton proved to be a "geyser of information" about what took place that day. When the FBI tried to keep his confession confidential, one newspaper managed to get hold of it and declared the case "solved." Which newspaper was this?

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