Featured journalist: Christina Binkley

We would like to start the week off by featuring the resplendent Christina Binkley, a Fashion, Art and Culture columnist with the Wall Street Journal. This regular on-air commentator is also the author of the New York Times bestseller Winner Takes All. From the vantage of her weekly column in the paper's "Personal Journal" section, Binkley critiques fashion runways from New York to Milan and Paris, and takes readers behind fashion's velvet curtains, with frequent forays into the arts and entertainment. She also contributes to WSJ Magazine, appearing periodically on venues such as CNN and National Public Radio.

In search of "intrigue [and] adventure," Binkley started off as a stringer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, "back before they made those jobs illegal," she writes. To be a journalist, Binkley explains, is simply to be "a living recording device." For any aspiring journalists, she advises, "Tell great stories. True ones." Her portfolio is full of both ingredients, and we highly recommend you peruse it, starting with "Why Kanye West Is Not in Fashion in the World of Style" and "One of the reasons stars and socialites look so good is that their clothes fit well."

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