Question of the Day

Friday's Question of the Day asked …  After the Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929, one Chicago newspaper managed to get hold of a key confession behind the plot and declared the case "solved." Which newspaper was this? That would be the Chicago American newspaper!

Congratulations to M. Edward Borasky for being the first to answer that question (and for wishing Chicago a Happy Valentine's Day, in the process!) Honorable mentions also go out to Craig Pittman at the Tampa Bay TimesRachel Roh@.l.interpretationsJeanne KirkRon Casalotti, and Bill Chuck of the Chicago Sun-Times and the Boston Globe. Thanks for playing along, everyone!

Today's question continues this line of thought: The Chicago American later became known as the Chicago Herald-American. Which future US president worked as a reporter during that time, after serving in the Navy?

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