Scandals on and off the internet

We really never thought we’d print these words but alas, here it is from DNA Info: 19th-Century Douche Unearthed at City Hall. Carrie Melago at the Wall Street Journal was more coy about it: “Archaeologists were baffled by an artifact found at City Hall -- and you'll never believe what it was! (Seriously).” Irving DeJohn at the New York Daily News gave credit where it’s due: “Hat-tip to @IrenePlagianos for finding city hall's first recorded douche.”

Apropos of douchebaggery, the fight between Donald Trump and BuzzFeed is intensifying (cause how is Trump expected to miss a chance in the limelight?). Matthew Boyle at Breitart “Exclusively” writes Trump: ‘Scumbag’ Buzzfeed Blogger Ogled Women While He Ate Bison At My Resort. The media had a lot of opinions. First, here’s that Coppins’ BuzzFeed colleagues said:

  • Adrian Carrasquillo: “Put this on my tombstone: ‘I don’t know how to say it—he was looking at me like I was yummy.’”
  • Ben Smith: “God Trump and his yes-men really can't stop digging. Grotesque.”

Here’s what everyone else had to say:

  • Tim Grieve, National Journal: “‘venomous hit piece’? you're looking at it.”
  • Ron Kampeas, Jewish Telegraphic Agency: “‘Many reporters who get a shot at 'The Donald' exude confidence.’ Memo to moimeme: Exude confidence with The Donald.”
  • Matt O'Brien, The Atlantic: “For their follow-up, Breitbart will reveal that ‘big reporter’ @mckaycoppins is really the leader of Friends of Hamas.”
  • Josh Barro, Business Insider: “EXCLUSIVE MUST CREDIT BREITBART: McKay Coppins has an ‘oversized forehead’ and bad posture.”
  • Andrew Goldman, New York Times: “I'd really hoped that this @realDonaldTrump @mckaycoppins fanfic would be hotter.”
  • Adam Taylor, Washington Post: “Absurd article has great headline.”

And Coppins himself had this to say: “Trumpworld gets Breitbart to publish a funny list of fabrications about me drinking & ogling women at Mar-a-Lago. lol.”

For one more icky situation, Samantha Grossman at Time Magazine was on the Hot Pockets beat and shared that Nestle’s Pulled the Philly Cheese Steak Variety From Shelves. Kim Segal at CNN explained, “YUCK! Hot pockets yanked from shelves for containing ‘diseased and unsound animals.’” Amy Davis at KPRC Local 2 Houston suggested, “@JimGaffigan Maybe you can get to the bottom of this?” Brian Ries at Daily Beast made a joke: “Hot Pockets? More like Not Pockets, amirite?”

Seems no one is spared from scandal today and to prove it, the Washington Post writes Scott Walker, eyeing 2016, faces fallout from investigations as ex-aide’s e-mails are released. Anne Cronin at Politico explained, “Whether his recall campaign illegally coordinated w outside conservative groups // Walker faces fallout from probes.” David Graham with The Atlantic added, “Is there anything scarier for a rising-star governor than @postroz visiting their state?”

Finally, let’s have a bit of fun with the World Premiere of First Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer which premiered on the Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (in a likely attempt to take ratings and buzz away from Jimmy Fallon). Greg Wyshynski at Yahoo! News loved it a lot: “We live in a world where Guardians of the Galaxy movie was actually made. I think to myself: What a wonderful world.” So did Laura Prudom at Huffington Post: “Yeah, #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy looks awesome -- count me in. Time for the world to bask in Chris Pratt's glory.”

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