#MuckedUp chat Tuesday: Social Media Culture Jamming

#MuckedUp chat Tuesday: Social Media Culture Jamming

Spouting rhetoric and platitudes sound sweet, but revolutions are won by firing shots and taking risks. Right now there's a real revolution underway online, and it's being waged between traditional and new media combatants. Some are at odds. The smart ones are working together. The great equalizer in this battle is social media, and the practice of culture jamming is the tool victors on both sides are using to make web and digital media part of our mainstream culture. 

The basic principle here is creating, controlling and leading a conversation, movement or message. And when it comes to Internet brand messaging, one of the greats is Oliver Luckett. Luckett's company, theAudience, leverages social engagement for celebrities and brands, to the tune of a billion people every month across the usual suspects of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus. 

Fresh off an appearance on PBSFrontline, Luckett will be our featured guest us on the chat this week. Join us Tuesday, February 25th from 8-9 EST and get #MuckedUp. See you then.

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