Ukraine in turmoil

News out of Ukraine continues to rivet the world, as CNN reports yet another truce crumbles amid gunfire. Pictures show bodies piled high, with 35 reportedly dead so far. Moreover, disturbing footage purports to show protestors falling under sniper fire, with additional photo support for the alleged snipers shared here. Still more images depict protesters aflame as they stand behind burning barricades. Alistair Dawber at the Independent concluded of the alleged sniper video, "If this is genuine, and shows what it purports to, it's truly shocking."

Meanwhile, pictures reveal St. Michael's church has been turned into a hospital and sanctuaryThe New Republic's Julia Ioffe commented, "Imagine a Moscow church doing this." BBC'Kate Forbes described it as "beauty and terror" juxtaposed. Also a beautiful but unsettling sight: young medics, mostly women, joining hands as they push through the rubble to administer aid. Flor Mac Carthy remarked, "When it's all over, this photo will remain."

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