A truce for the Ukraine

Feb 21, 2014

In some semblance of a truce with opposition leaders, Ukraine's president Yanukovych calls and early vote deal to end the country’s political crisis, according to the BBC. The service’s breaking news Twitter account put it a slightly different way: “Ukraine protesters accept early-election deal to end months of crisis.”

According to this Twitter photo though, the signed agreement is missing a signature from the Russian Federation.

At Politico, Glenn Thrush thinks this was just The Day We Pretended to Care About Ukraine. Freelancer Anna Reitman explained it thus: “Ukraine as apocalyptic clickbait of media.” Megan Finnerty from the Arizona Republic said, “An ‘apocalypse’ does not feel cinematic to the person experiencing it. It feels, instead, like the end of the world.” Sam Paker with BuzzFeed UK added, “This Slightly Snooty Politico Article About Clickbait Is Interesting – The Correction At The End Will Make You Laugh.”

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