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Kareem Fahim at the New York Times writes that Egypt Extends Its Crackdown to Journalists. Shreeya Sinha explained that “.@AJEnglish's Mohamed Fahmy, Peter Greste & Baher Mohamed could get 15 yrs in prison as Egypt's crackdown widens.” Mia Farrow added, “Egypt has imprisoned 3 seasoned journalists. Their crime: reporting news for their employer, AlJazeera Eng.”

Michela Wrong explains why journalists don't write like academics while writing In defence of western journalists in Africa. Heidi Vogt at the Wall Street Journal called the piece a “Beautiful defense of foreign reporting.”

The Today show announced this morning that NBC newsman Garrick Utley has died at 74 and @NBCNews tweeted: “We are mourning the loss of one of our own today.” NPR’s Mark Stencel added, “TV correspondent and former @meetthepress host Garrick Utley, 1939-2014.”

Jeff Bercovici conducted a signature Playboy Interview with Gawker's Nick Denton. The Candid Conversation credits Denton for onetime secrets like Manti Te'o’s fake girlfriend, Rob Ford smokin crack, and Brett Favre’s junk photos into public knowledge. Matt Welch at Reason called this: “In which Nick Denton praises Rupert Murdoch for busting unions. A very interesting interview.” John Podhoretz at the New York Post added, “I have significant problems with @nicknotned, but this is a brilliant interview.”

Surely we all remember the social media explained photo that made the rounds a few years back. And now there’s an updated versionLauren Ashburn at Fox News tweeted: “Don't 4get WhatsApp: I'm texting a pic of a donut: Emoticon Emoticon.” Charles Forelle from the Wall Street Journal shared: “Whatsapp: I can't believe I paid that much for a donut.”

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