Stateside updates

Also in the New York Times, Rebecca Ruiz reports that New York Is Removing Over 400 Children From 2 Homeless Shelters. Daniel E. Slotnik there explained, “de Blasio announces the move of 100s of children from bad homeless shelters in NYC.” Brad Gerick from the New York Daily News pointed out of the the location is “the Auburn Family Residences (where Dasani lives).” Hari Sreenivasan at PBS called this the “impact of Dasani stories in nyt.”

The Wall Street Journal has the Fed’s newly-released Transcripts of 2008 Crisis-Era Meetings. Steven Russolillo there tweeted this quote from the piece: "It seems as though Okun’s law gets obeyed about as frequently as the 55 MPH speed limit.” Colleague Brian Hershberg put it quite nicely: “We had the rough draft of history; now @WSJ fills in the blanks.”

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