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Politico’s Kenneth Vogel and Maggie Haberman are introducing us to Jim Messina - the Democratic Karl Rove. Haberman tweeted: “One of the other points worth making on Rove comparison - KR has had a tougher go since 2012.” While Vogel said, “Messina told healthcare co.: ‘Never go for a swim in the Pacific Ocean w/ the president.’”

This morning brought news that John Dingell, the longest serving U.S. representative, will retire. Martha Groves at the LA Times said, “First Waxman, now Dingell. Dem lions exiting.”

Nolan Finley also covered the development for Detroit News: Michigan's Dingell won't seek re-election to Congress. Richard Greene at CNN tweeted: “Only in Congress: Retiring Rep. Dingell, who has served since *1955* ‘I don’t want people to say I stayed too long.’”

Meanwhile, Detroit News’ Marisa Schultz says Debbie Dingell is expected to run for her husband's congressional seat. The New York Times’ Nick Confessore pointed out: “At this rate, the Dingells will eventually have held Michigan's 12th congressional seat for a century. #dynasty!”

Warren Buffett's annual letter is out and in it, he writes: Learn from my real estate investments. Lee Schafer from the Minneapolis StarTribune explained, “Warren Buffet on why he made a great buy twice in real estate. Excerpt from the new Berkshire chrm's letter.” Chris Peacock at CNN pointed out, “Buffett recommends index funds this morning. And S&P 500 hits all-time high. No cause/effect but kind of perfect.” Reuters’ Felix Salmon was less impressed: “Why doesn’t Buffett account for inflation when recounting the value of his farm, or his railroad?”

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