Media Monday

Dylan Byers at Politico believes live video won't save the news biz. Dylan Scott at Talking Points Memo said, “I endorse this as somebody who goes out of his way to avoid watching online news.” Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg at The Atlantic explained, “Many news orgs' early online video strategies were to mimic live TV. It didn't go so well.” Andrew Kaczynski with BuzzFeed pointed out: “Does this mean @DylanByers will not be doing the On Media videos anymore. =(“

And speaking of live tv, David Carr used his Sunday New York Times column to write: Piers Morgan and CNN Plan End to His Prime-Time Show. Lisa Du at Newsday said exactly what we were thinking: “Terribly upset that CNN canceling Piers Morgan may mean no more SNL Piers Morgan.” Ricardo Lopez from the LA Times shared: “I, for one, am surprised Piers Morgan even made it three years on CNN.” Rob Cox at Reuters added, “Surely @carr2n it was the messenger @piersmorgan and not the message about gun safety that was the problem.”

Big news was released yesterday and as Shalini Ramachandran at the Wall Street Journal explained: Netflix Agrees to Pay Comcast to Improve Its Streaming. Gautham Nagesh there said, “This Netflix-Comcast peering deal is exposing the very limited grasp the media has about how the Internet works.” Britt Whitmire at WBT Charlotte wondered, “COULD @WWENetwork BE NEXT?” Dan Mayfield at Albuquerque Business First had still more questions: “Is this the end of the Neutral Net?”

And in another corner of new media, WhatsApp’s CEO told the Wall Street Journal they’re Aiming for Voice Product in Second Quarter. Yun-Hee Kim there explained: “WhatsApp CEO says it will offer voice calling as early as April, allowing free phone calls for its 465 million users.”

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