Something is rotten in the state of [___]

USA Today’s Tom Vanden Brook says that the Army disqualified 588 soldiers after sex assault review. Ray Locker there added that the soldiers were all in “positions of trust.” Margaret Talev at Bloomberg News tweeted: “Kudos @tvandenbrook good reporting.”

Capital New York writes of A proposal to restrain Tesla in New York. Johana Bhuiyan there said, “ICYMI: Under a new bill Tesla won't be able to sell directly to consumers & Cuomo says he'll sign if it passes.” Dante D'Orazio from The Verge shared his opinion: “This is some bullshit @NYGovCuomo, don't sign this bill.” Kevin Glass at the Washington Examiner added, “I hate to bring up Atlas Shrugged and the 'Anti-Dog-Eat-Dog' rule, but…”

Quartz has the story of How America fell out of love with orange juice. Rachel Feintzeig at the Wall Street Journal admitted: “America's just not that into orange juice anymore. (I kicked my habit in high school - used to drink it like water.)” Adam Soclof from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency added, “Dear @tropicana, call me when you go back to 64oz. From 59.”

The Verge reports that Uber kept new drivers off the road to encourage surge pricing and increase fares. Demian Bulwa from the San Francisco Chronicle said, “Did Uber break the law manipulating prices on Valentine's Day?” Sabrina Siddiqui at the Huffington Post put it in some perspective: “Something is wrong if you use a free limo with Secret Service agents to make your girlfriend's ex jealous.”

For more on shady business practices, Jesse Drucker at Bloomberg reports that Ortega’s Zara Fashions Tax Avoidance by Shifting Profits to Alps.Sheelah Kolhatkar at Bloomberg Businessweek explained, “Zara's Inditex shifted $2 bn in profits to tax friendly Netherlands and Switzerland.” Oliver Staley with Bloomberg News added, “Spanish fashion house Zara avoided $100M in taxes last year by shifting profits overseas, @JesseDrucker reports.” Colleague Adam Satariano added, “Words a PR office don't want to hear: ‘This is @JesseDrucker of Bloomberg calling about...’ His latest tax probe.”

And the Wall Street Journal says China's Central Bank Engineered Yuan's Decline. Geoffrey Rogow there tweeted: “@WSJ scoop: China doesn't want ‘speculators’ in its currency. Attempted to force them out by pushing the yuan lower.” William Watts with MarketWatch added, “The PBOC has guided the yuan lower to thwart short-term speculators betting on a continued rise reports.”

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