Governor declines to sign

Late last night, Arizona governor Jan Brewer announced that she had vetoed the controversial bill that would have allowed business owners to refuse service to gays. "Moments ago, I vetoed #SB1062," the governor tweeted, posting this twitpic. At the Detroit Free PressNancy Kaffer reflected a common reaction among journalists when she tweeted, "And while Mike Duggan was speaking, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed this odious bill. Glory be." 

The revelation came as a relief for gay rights advocates, but for some was a victory in a battle that seemed unnecessary. In one tweet, Salon's Mary Williams retooled it as "Today in fights we never should have had in the 1st place." It came not a moment too soon, though, as just yesterday Don Banks with Sports Illustrated made it clear the NFL felt pressured enough to relocate next year's Super Bowl XLIX.


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