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Sports Illustrated has Connor Barwin of Philadelphia Eagles describing NFL locker room culture. Newy Scruggs from NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth wrote, “Best read of the AM: ‘My Job Is Very, Very Different From Your Job.’” John Clark at NBC 10 Philadelphia added, "What a great article by @ConnorBarwin98 on NFL locker room culture and how Michael Sam will be received.”

At the Washington Post, Wesley Lowery writes that The fight for Mitt Romney’s donors is on. Gabriel Debenedetti at Reuters quoted: “Every single Romney donor we spoke with this week listed [Jeb Bush] as their top choice."

Daily Intelligencer presents The Most Influential New Yorkers on Twitter 2014 list. Michelle Beadle seemed pretty excited: “I beat Lil Kim? I believe my work here is done, sir.” Ben Smith at BuzzFeed said, “I like a list that puts @BuzzFeedAndrew right between @LanaDelRey & @SpikeLee.” John Herrman there agreed: “Twitter has failed.” Colleague Ryan Broderick wasn’t too happy either: “Kinda rude to leave me off this. I’m pretty influential in the cool anime scene…”  Dylan Byers with Politico had another thought: “I like @BuzzFeedAndrew but I think we can agree a list that puts him ahead of Bill & Hillary is probably bullshit.” And Jimmy Traina at Fox Sports also seemed peeved: “@MikeFrancesaNY I've seen a lot of bullshit in my life, but this is the biggest bunch of bullshit ever. #YoureNumbah1.”

Anne Helen Petersen explores Jennifer Lawrence And The History Of Cool Girls in BuzzFeed. Shani Hilton there tweeted from the story: "She had the one thing that a girl really needs to succeed: a stunning face.” Anna North at Salon added another quote: "Famous Cool Girls are women who became stars during periods of societal anxiety over increasing freedoms for women." Helen Lewis at New Statesman pointed out: “‘The cool girl’ - @emilynussbaum mentioned this idea in the last @NewYorker & here's a longer delve.”

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