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The Guardian’s John Plunkett thinks BBC3 will be axed under director general's plans. Paul MacInnes there explained, “This is a direct diss to Nick Grimshaw. Who, tbf, has been asking for it.” Claire Phipps pointed out, “You can't just have BBC1, BBC2 and BBC4. That doesn't work.” Ian Silvera at the International Business Times tweeted: “Case for Oxford comma: ‘My Man Boobs and Me and Snog, Marry, Avoid.’”

Poor Salvador Rodriguez of the LA Times had to find out that 1 in 10 Americans thinks HTML is an STD, study finds. Joe Satran at Huffington Post tweeted: “& ‘15% said they believed ‘software’ is comfortable clothing’!” Danielle Ivory from the New York Times added, “23% of Americans think an MP3 is a Star Wars robot. 27% think a gigabyte is an insect.”

CNN sells Zite to Flipboard according to CNN’s Laurie Segall. Michael Rondon with Folio and Expo Magazines wrote, “Finally, a little consolidation in the aggregator market.”

There’s a disturbing shot of Al Jazeera journo Peter Greste and colleagues inside the defendants cage during their trial in Cairo. Marcelle Hopkins tweeted: “Surreal photo of @AlJazeera journalists in a cage in an Egyptian courtroom today.” Carol Kuruvilla at the New York Daily News called it “Unbelievable.” Sheera Frenkel from BuzzFeed added, “Horrifying.”

For a modicum of silliness, Terry Shipman took his own selfie and tweeted: “Let's see if we can beat the Oscar re-tweets!” Washington Post explained: “Selfie-snapping Tx senior trying to break Ellen’s Twitter record.”

And according to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (also WSJ’s boss) Put More Money Into Business Insider. Jennifer Saba at Reuters said, “Business Insider raises another round, $12 million that includes $$ from Jeff Bezos.” Michael Rondon with Folio and Expo Magazines pointed out, “Photogs and subscription products among the top investment priorities for@hblodget and BI.”

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