Rocking the boat

In case you’d forgotten about the Winklevoss twins, they’re back today with Bitcoin, Space and Beyond! about their joining Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic. Ben Williams at New York Magazine said, “So the point of private space travel and digital crypto-currencies is... international disaster relief. Got it.” Jonathan Easley at The Hill wrote, “Modest Winklevoss twins compare themselves to Columbus, Copernicus, Magellan, Armstrong, et al.” Megan Hess from Mashable put it in simpler terms: “lol the Winklevii are going to space.”

Continuing his trend of shocking the world, the Pope has apparently suggested church could tolerate some civil unions. Daniel Burke at CNN said, “@GMCz Do you think Catholic News Service, owned by the bishops, misunderstand the church too?” Alex Bruns at Bloomberg View explained, “Pope Francis suggests the Church could tolerate civil unions ‘as a practical measure.’” Jim O'Sullivan from the Boston Globe put a local spin on it: “Pope jeopardizing customary role in Southie St. Patrick's parade?”

Bloomberg’s Dina Bass writes that Microsoft’s Satya Nadella Manages Legacy of Ballmer-Board Split. Bass added, “Our look at the behind-the-scenes of Ballmer's last few months at Microsoft & his battles with board.”  Dan Gallagher from the Wall Street Journal pointed out, “Difficult to keep boardroom squabbles quiet when the CEO's booming yell can be heard across the building.” Aaron Pressman at Yahoo! News wondered: “How unusual was that? ‘Ballmer was so loud that day in June his shouts could be heard outside the conference room.’”

The New York Times reports that Sherwin B. Nuland, ‘How We Die’ Author, Dies at 83. Patrick LaForge there said, “Doctor who wrote ‘How We Die,’ on the messy indignity of death, is dead.” Atul Gawande at The New Yorker added, “The passing of Shep Nuland is a terrible blow. One of my heroes. How We Die, his great work, was a landmark.”

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