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Yesterday's Question of the Day asked …  This Irish playwright wrote satirical columns in The Irish Times (under the name Myles na gCopaleen) that targeted government and literary elite, among others. Who was he? And what did his pseudonym mean? That would be Brian O'Nolan (who also went by Flann O'Brien), and his pseudonym meant "Myles of the Little Ponies." (We also accepted "Little Horses," but found Ponies to be more amusing!)

Congratulations to returning champ M. Edward Borasky, who was the very first person to tweet in both answers correctly. Honorable mentions go out to Edward Tennerwheelsforwomen, Craig Pittman of the Tampa Bay Times, Bill Chuck of the Chicago Sun-Times and Boston Globe, Ron CasalottiMitch Cohen (who noted you can never have too many pseudonyms), Rachel Roheschuman, and Paul JJ Payack for also answering correctly!

In keeping with the theme: Considered by some the first nationally known Irish-American columnist, Charles Graham Halpine​ wrote humor pieces during the 1860s as an Irish private in the Union Army, but was better known by his pen name as well. What was it?

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