Bitcoin founder fracas continues

Mar 07, 2014

If you thought yesterday's Bitcoin scoop was also yesterday's news, think again. Day 2 dawns on this story with an exclusive get from the Associated Press that Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto denies he's the bitcoin founder that Newsweek claims he is in their original profile. Or as Nieman Lab's Joshua Benton put it, "AP to Newsweek: Drop dead."

To add to the fun of this story, this is how Nakamoto chose the lucky interviewer among the numerous clamoring journalists on his doorstep. "Here's the video of #Nakamoto picking a reporter (randomly) to have lunch with," LA TimesJoe Bel Bruno captioned it.

If that wasn't enough, after years of silence the real Nakamoto emerged (at least electronically) to post online one phrase: "I am not Dorian Nakamoto." Wall Street Journal's Michael Casey mused, "Whether hoax or not, the 'real' Satoshi Nakamoto's reappearance here is delightfully cheeky."

That still didn't stop Buzzfeed and other journalists from engaging in a medium-speed chase around LA's suburbs, frantically tailing Nakamoto (the Dorian one) in his chosen interviewer's car as they headed toward their lunch destination. "I would question my life choices after having to do this story," HuffPo's Jason Cherkis clucked his tongue.

But Newsweek and the initial article's author Leah McGrath Goodman have doubled down on their claim: "I stand completely by my exchange with Mr. Nakamoto," Goodman told the AP. "There was no confusion whatsoever about the context of our conversation —and his acknowledgment of his involvement in bitcoin."

All of this just prompts the LA Times to plead, "Will the Real Creator of Bitcoins Please Stand Up?"

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