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“How could anyone do this in the twenty-first century?” That's a question from a Tatar woman quoted in a recent New Yorker piece, in which journalist Natalia Antelava poses another question: "Who Will Protect the Crimean Tatars?" In Crimea, days after the arrival of Russia's military, ethnic Xs are appearing on the homes of minority Tatars, just as they did in the 1940s. Back then, the X meant deportation and death for many of these native Muslim residents. What does it mean, this time? Jon Williams with ABC News seemed blown away by the story: "Extraordinary #mustread piece by @antelava: Crimean Tartars' homes being marked with X. Stalin ordered same in 1944!"

Also trending high today in the universal newsroom is a piece by Paul Quigley, which addresses a very different question: "What if front pages were selected by newspapers’ readers instead of their editors?" As David Firn pointed out, "Who cares about safe sex when an asteroid's heading for Earth?"

In such a universe, this next popular post would probably be somewhere near the top: journalists are excited because an arctic seal was spotted on a beach near Queens, New York. Yeah, it doesn't take much, folks. Explaining its significance, TIME's Sarah Grieco tweeted, "It's so cold in New York, an arctic seal swam up to Rockaway Beach."

Okay, we get it now. Plus, look how cute he is. He's even waving at us!

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