Today's riveting reads

The New Yorker offers a hell of a read in the form of an in-depth interview with Adam Lanza's father, more than a year after he killed 20 children and 6 adults during the Sandy Hook shooting. Cathy Grossman with Religion News Service tweeted, "Knockout quote in interview w. dad of Newtown shooter Adam Lanza: 'It doesn’t have to be understood to be real.'"

Over the weekend, we learned Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared seemingly into thin air, along with its passengers. Now Financial Times tells us the US has joined Malaysia in the hunt to uncover what happened. A highlight, as underscored by Adveith Nair at Bloomberg News: "'Iranian contact' asked Thai travel agent to book tickets for 2 passengers with stolen passports on #MH370." Broadcast journalist Teymoor Nabili seemed unconvinced: "Many keen to assume 'terrorism' behind loss of MH370. So hardly surprising that someone would find an Iran angle."

Meanwhile, Edward Wong with the New York Times penned a haunting piece on the details of passengers' lives: "Lost passengers of Flight MH370 reflected China's hopes and ambitions," Wong billed it on Twitter.

The murder trial of athlete Oscar Pistorius has officially begun in South Africa, and the judge has just banned live broadcasting and tweeting of any graphic testimony by the expert who conducted the autopsy on Reeva Steenkamp, as Pistorius visibly wretched at the details of her injuries. And in literal earth-shaking news, a powerful 6.9 earthquake struck last night off the coast of NorCal. Officials report "no early signs of tsunami," to which LA TimesJoy Press responded, "Such comforting wording." Here's the location and summary.

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