In political news ...

In the NYT, a piece by Ben Terris profiles Mario, Lincoln and Jose Diaz-Balart, three politicos for whom immigration reform is a shared passion. Terris tweets, "The Diaz-Balarts are a lot of things: congressmen, TV anchor, nephews of Fidel Castro, immigration reform experts." The Washington Post's Robert Costa summarized it even more neatly: "Meet the Cuban Kennedys."

Via a Breitbart exclusive, another Republican -- Sen. Rand Paul -- offered this warning to his party: Stop Warping Reagan's Foreign Policy. At BuzzfeedMcKay Coppins translated this as "Rand fires back at Cruz (without naming him): 'Every Republican likes to think he or she is the next Ronald Reagan.'"

And in international politics, here's a curveball: Russian anchors are suggesting that, after Crimea, Alaska is nextTerry Moran with ABC News scoffed, "On Russian TV, they are actually reporting, 'Russia now has a real chance to get ALASKA back.'" Shaun Walker at the Guardian further explained, "Russia wants Alaska back, cos US didn't pay agreed price, & cos gay marriage allowed there."

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