In media news ...

CityAM News takes on the Grey Lady in an editorial by Allister Heath, claiming The New York Times is totally wrong in its attack on London. Telegraph's Iain Martin tweeted, "Londoner takes a baseball bat to @nytimes over its attack on the capital - just brilliant by @AllisterHeath." Bloomberg View's Matthew Klein mused, "Looks like the Judah op-ed about Russian money in London had some substantial factual inaccuracies."

In TIMEChartbeat CEO Tony Haile warns us that we've got the Internet totally wrong. At WorldcrunchJeff Israely elucidated, "Zero relationship between how often a piece of content is shared & how much attention a reader will give that content." But as Slate's Jordan Weissmann pointed out, "This is a good piece about the direction of web economics. It's also basically advertorial for Chartbeat's services."

And then there's poor David Carr. The golden age of television is fencing him in, the NYT columnist writes. Or as Carr alternatively teased it on Twitter, "How the idiot box gained cultural salience and ruined my life."

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