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Friday's Question of the Day asked …  This Irish American journalist for the New Yokr Times earned a unique nickname from President George W. Bush. Who is she, and what's the nickname? That would be Maureen Dowd, who was called "The Cobra" by Bush. She wrote upon learning of her new name: "I puzzled over whether W. fancied himself the mongoose or the snake charmer in this allegory. Either way, I knew he would expect me to hiss a bit about his first 100 days."

Congratulations to Jeanne Kirk, who was the very first person to tweet us the correct answer! Congrats also go out to Geraldine HerbertTampa Bay Times' Craig PittmanJason Hensel of Facility Manager Magazine, freelance journalist Annie DanceCarolyn T. StoneBill Chuck of the Chicago Sun-Times and the Boston Globe, freelance journalist Amy ZipkinRick Marianetti, and Alan Blaustein for getting both answers correct. Honorable mentions go to Paul JJ Payack, syndicated columnist Margo Howard, and Edward Tenner for knowing it was Dowd, even if her nickname proved elusive!

Still in keeping with the theme, but a little simpler than yesterday's question: In an interview with The Irish Voice, this famous (or is it infamous?) broadcaster described himself as “a quintessential working class Irish-American Catholic.” He takes particular pride in his Irishness, stating in one of his books, “Whatever I have done or will do in this life, I’m working-class Irish American [insert name here].” Who is he?

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