Utterly absurd things of the day

And because we like to wrap up the morning's news with a dose of the ridiculous, we present to you the family that called 911 because their cat was holding them "hostage." Oh, yes. “It’s only funny when it’s not happening to you,” Lux the Himalayan's owner Teresa Barker said. “When this happens to you, I assure you, you will do the same thing.”

Well, no, because this just doesn't happen. Also, the 911 transcript graphic actually reads "RARRRRRR." We die, because we just can't even, any more.

Plus, check out "Explainer Journalism Explained" (during the reading of which we admittedly spent more time analyzing the puppy gif at the bottom than anything that preceded it).

Also filed under this category is Fox News misspelling the phrase "spelling bee" (maybe they should blame it on these 8 pronunciation errors that "made the English language what it is today"). And then there's this Channel 4 News anchor getting stuck in a glass elevator. Or is it a glass cage of emotion?

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