More havoc in the headlines

No less important is the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Most significantly, the Wall Street Journal reports that investigators suspect the plane flew for 4 hours after disappearing from the radar. In other words, a pilot or someone else may have diverted it toward an undisclosed location after deliberately shutting off the the transponders. "Story gets stranger by the day," concluded Brianna Bailey at The Oklahoman.

The Guardian, however, reports that Malaysia strongly denies the WSJ report. "Here's my take," LA Times'  Joe Bel Bruno offered, continuing, "I LOVE @WSJ. But a two anonymous sourced story seems under sourced given all the disinformation." But the bottom line according to the NYT is that the missing jet exposes a dysfunctional Malaysian elite. "With six decades in power with almost no scrutiny, Malaysia's elite uncomfortable under harsh spotlight," NYT's Lydia Polgreen described it.

And if you're wondering how tough it could possibly be to find a 210-foot-long plane, here's a great graphic from the Washington Post that explainsJames Cowan with Canadian Business captioned it, "This is why they can't find the damn plane."

Also, the US Capitol plunged into darkness briefly yesterday when a power outage hit DC. Not missing an opening for a House of Cards quip, Mashable's Amanda Wills advised, "Blame Raymond Tusk." 

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