More Flight 370 mysteries revealed by radar

Mar 14, 2014

In an exclusive, Reuters reveals the missing Malaysia plane seems to have flown deliberately toward the Andaman Islands near India, while ABC News and other outlets theorize the plane may have crashed in Indian Ocean. That paired with yesterday's news that satellites received "pings" from the jet for hours after it fell off the radar only adds to the growing fog of enigmas that surrounds the story. Mashable's Jim Roberts shared the Reuters exclusive, prefacing it, "Where’s the plane? Day 7."

Yesterday Daily Mail's Ryan Gorman wondered, "This WSJ passage really troubles me, why aren't more people concerned about this possibility?" Now it appears more and more journalists are turning to Gorman's way of thinking, with The Deal's Jonathan Marino concluding, "Mounting evidence suggests the Malaysia flight was hijacked." With Reuters, Richard Lough plucked two prime details from their coverage, tweeting, "Unidentified jet last plotted heading NW to waypoint 'Igrex' on a route used by carriers heading to Europe" and "Investigators believe unidentified jet #MH370 and was being flown by someone with aviation training ..."

All in all, it's safe to say tensions are high for airline passengers everywhere, especially considering a US Airways flight just nosedived in Philadelphia. "So my plane just crashed," a woman passenger tweeted, sharing this twitpic. Then she followed up with a selfie. As one does.

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