Annexing Crimea

Mar 18, 2014

Here lies what remains of a government: a pile of letters that once spelled "Auto. Repub. of Crimea." The golden placards were already removed from the parliamentary facade when we woke this morning, one of the first signs the once-autonomous peninsula is now officially annexed by Russia. Buoyed by a disputed 95% vote by Crimeans to secede from Ukraine, Russian president Vladimir Putin carried out the Kremlin take-over even in the face of warnings and sanctions from Western governments. At PoliticoEdward-Isaac Dovere quipped, "Putin's version of everything's all right: 'I cannot remember a single act of intervention without one single shot'." Also with Politico, Anne Cronin pointed out, "Consensus in Moscow so strong that even Gorbachev endorsed move."

At the Wall Street JournalLukas Alpert fills in more of the blanks with the 5 reasons Vladimir Putin gave for annexing Crimea. "High-end WSJ Putin listicle," colleague Tom Gara tweeted approvingly.

(All of this should make worthwhile fodder for tonight's #muckedup conversation, so please join us, if you can.)

But lest we forget ongoing tragedy elsewhere in the world, here's a New York Times offering on the three years of strife and cruelty that put Syria in a tailspin. NYT's Michael Tackett chided, "A missing plane, Crimea....and remember Syria?"

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