MH 370 mystery continues

From Business Insider, we have what Henry Blodget there calls "The Most Plausible Theory For The Plane's Disappearance We've Heard Yet." And it's this: a fire in the cockpit. WLWT Cincinnati's Andrew Setters reflected, "Interesting theory about Flight 370. No terrorism, no hijack, just an accident."

Still, that doesn't keep the NYT from wondering why airline pilots still have the power to turn off transponders after 9/11, which was admittedly also stunning to us. Equally stunning? That Thailand just revealed its radar detected a plane that could have been Flight 370 just minutes after its communications went down. What took them so long to tell us, you ask? Roll Call's Emily Cahn has that answer: "So Thailand had info on the plane, but didn't share it because they weren't asked for it. #IsThisRealLife?" 

We also learn that CNN’s ratings have surged thanks to their coverage of the missing airliner. After reading that piece, WaPo's Wesley Lowery tweeted that he was "Convinced that Jeff Zucker is personally hiding the Flight 370 plane." PandoDaily's David Holmes noted, "When CNN's happy ain't nobody happy."

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