More musings from the media

When yesterday's earthquake made Los Angeles tremble, the first reporter to finish an article wasn't really a reporter. In fact, it wasn't even human; it was the Los Angeles Times' robot journalist, an algorithm designed by LAT programmer/journalist Ken Schwenke. "#BREAKING: @schwanksta is the future," colleague and data producer Ben Welsh announces, to which coworker Jack Dolan adds, "Pretty sure I shouldn't be cheering for this, but proud of Ken."

And here is the post that was generated by his algorithm, or as NYT's Anand Giridharadas bills it, "Why there aren't more jobs in journalism."

At Re/codePeter Kafka reports that Viacom and Google have settled the YouTube battle that's waged since 2007. Meanwhile, at FiveThirtyEight, Nate Silver lays out a manifesto and therein explains the significance of their fox logo.

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