Media ch-ch-changes

Pat Kiernan at NY1 introduced us to the New York Observer’s new magazine-style format. He called it, “The pink paper is gone.” Katherine Rosman at the Wall Street Journal pointed out that, “It hadn't been the salmon-colored weekly for a long time.” Colleague John Carney still called the change, “Heartbreaking.”

In other media news, The New Republic calls Nate Silver's new FiveThirtyEight news venture The Emptiness of Data Journalism. Dylan Matthews at Vox Media explained, “Interesting to see @tnr move to bolster @fivethirtyeight's reputation by having Leon Wieseltier trash it.” Adam Chandler with The Wire wrote, “Leon Dub tells data journalism to go and get its shinebox.” Bob Cohn at The Atlantic added, “Leon Wieseltier goes after @NateSilver538: ‘Is numeracy really what American public discourse most urgently lacks?’”

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