Theories about the plane

As we reach day 12 of the search for the missing Malaysian flight, A Startlingly Simple Theory About the Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet from Wired was circulating yesterday. Jonathan Rugman at Channel 4 News said, “Hello from Malaysia. Here's the most sensible theory this aviation illiterate has read so far on missing flight 370.”

We woke up this morning to a piece from Slate that declares: Chris Goodfellow's theory about a fire and Langkawi is wrong. Shreeya Sinha at the New York Times said, “A ‘Startlingly Simple Theory’ About the Missing Airliner is Sweeping the Internet. It’s Wrong. by @ManvBrain.” Frederic Thys with WBUR Boston called it: “Raising questions about the most plausible theory so far.”

For one more theory, here's singer Courtney Love's take on the scenario. Yes, that Courtney Love.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reports that Investigators Seek Data Deleted From Malaysian Pilot’s Flight Simulator. Larry Elder at KABC Los Angeles said, “‘Investigators Seek Data Deleted From Malaysian Pilot’s Flight Simulator’ --’records had been cleared on Feb. 3...’” Alex Fitzpatrick at Time Magazine added, “It's not suspicious on its own that a commercial pilot had a personal flight simulator. I spent many an hour with flight simulator software during flight school to reinforce lessons.”

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