Featured journalist: John Colucci

Meet today's featured journalist, John Colucci. He's the Social Media Editor for Engadget, and yes, that is Boo the world's cutest dog in his profile picture. He got his start in news as a teen panelist on the Metro Channels in New York, which later segued to a teen correspondent role on CBS News.

After that, though, Colucci's path to journalism was an unconventional one: having been born in the land of retail operations, which led to years managing projects for a global retailer and  a major international airline, Colucci discovered a passion for social media in the late '00s. A few years later, Colucci joined the team at Engadget, where he now socializes content and occasionally writes as well (check out his portfolio here)! "A lot of news is generated from individual tweets or posts," he writes. "News breaks on social media now first." Too true.

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