More trouble with Russia on the horizon

Considering Vladimir Putin defended Russia's annexation of Ukraine's Crimea peninsula by arguing for its right to protect Russian-speakers outside its borders, we can probably all agree his most recent remark on concern for Russians in Estonia is also ominous. Independent's Amol Rajan comments, "Russia expresses concern for Estonia's Russian minority. Anybody see a pattern emerging?" Similarly, ReutersPhil Wahba wonders, "what's next? will Putin claim Brighton Beach, Brooklyn?" At the Associated PressNicholas Riccardi confessed, "As is the case most days, glad I don't live in Estonia."

Always on top of things, The AP has already announced how they will deal with Crimea's dateline in articles, going forward. Anna Paperny with Global News observed, "shit just got real: @AP removes 'Ukraine' from Crimean datelines."

To add to concerns, but in a darkly humorous way, a twitpic is circulating of mysterious masked men just shopping in a Crimean grocery story. Foreign Policy's David Kenner offered a caption: "I'll take 1 kilo of kashkaval, and the entire peninsula." It was enough to help inspire some updated Martyoshka dolls.

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