Question of the Day

Yesterday's Question of the Day asked …  This handwritten bulletin was posted daily in ancient Rome's public square, and is commonly considered the world's first newspaper. What was it called? That would be Acta Diurna, meaning in Latin "Daily Acts" or "Daily Public Records."

Congratulations once again to returning champ Edward Borasky for being the very first to answer that question correctly! Honorable mentions also go out to Hiram Reisner,  Jason HenselKen Walker of the Tampa Bay Times (taking over for Craig Pittman, perhaps?), Jeanne KirkRodica Maria LazarEdward TennerHollywood Highlands, freelance journalist Amy ZipkinAmar Patel, and freelance journalist Annie Dance.

As for today's question: On March 4,1880, The New York Daily Graphic published "the first reproduction of a photograph with a full tonal range in a newspaper." What did it depict (hint: what was it titled)?

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