The peculiarities of politics for today

Straight from prison, Politico's M.J. Lee reports an exclusive interview with disgraced financier Bernie Madoff on remorse, Wall Street and ... politics? Or as colleague Mackenzie Weinger puts it, "@mj_politico goes to prison!!!! Plus Bernie Madoff speaks." The political angle was confusing for most of us, though, especially concerning why we care what he thinks of Hillary Clinton. At Al Jazeera AmericaDavid Johnson especially was not a fan, tweeting, "If you interview Bernie Madoff on politics, give up on being a credible publication on politics."

Also for Politico, Dylan Byers writes about how Barack Obama's pledge to lead the most transparent administration hasn't panned out so much. As Byers points out, "Spokespeople, putting your name on quotes is part of the job description." Houston Chronicle's David Saleh Rauf points out, "@FLOTUS flaks seems to have a problem putting their names on statements to the press." 

Across the pond, this twitpic of questionable judgment from UK conservative politician Grant Shapps has everyone scratching their heads, too. Storyful's Joe Galvin reacts, "This #Tory ad is quite incredible. Sums up their attitude towards the 'lower classes'. Beyond satire." 

And up in Canada, here's a Vine of Toronto mayor Rob Ford exercising at City Hall. What.

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