Featured journalist: Becky Yerak

Today we are pleased to highlight Becky Yerak with the Chicago Tribune. A Banking, Insurance and Private Equity Reporter, who also covers movers and shakers in those industries. A native of the Cleveland area, Yerak has also written for the Detroit News, the (Cleveland) Plain Dealer, the Palm Beach Post and the Orlando Business Journal. She's also garnered several accolades, having been honored by the Associated Press Sports Editors as well as selected for the exclusive Kiplinger social media fellowship. "At the risk of jinxing myself, I haven't had an error in a story since 2008," Yerak writes. That might have something to do with the fact that she still uses a cassette recorder to record interviews. "I use it as a backup to iPhone on big interviews." Very smart.

Like many of us, however, Yerak got her start at her high school newspaper. "I think I was entertainment editor. I probably got the job because my best friend at the time was editor in chief," she writes. Kudos for honesty! As for the story that makes her most proud, it was "[a] 2012 story on an underemployed Chicago woman. Readers responded with a new job for her, and payments covering a year's worth of rent." Don't miss the rest of Yerak's admirable work here in her portfolio.

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