No Twitter for Turkey

Terrence McCoy at the Washington Post explains that Turkey bans Twitter - and Twitter explodes. Michael Noer at Forbes said, “Turkey bans Twitter; sadly it won't be the last country to try this.”

It really doesn’t seem to be doing much in the country, especially since the Wall Street Journal has news that Turkey's President Criticizes the Twitter Ban. Brian Fitzgerald there explained, “Turkey's president criticized the Twitter ban -- with a tweet. Others breaching ban too.” Colleague Gordon Deal said, “Decision: poor. Reason: debatable.” Scott Thurm, also at WSJ, added, “In Turkey, even the president is tweeting despite an order to shut the service.”

And because it is Twitter’s eighth birthday today, the site is helping you Discover your first Tweet. So far, nearly 900 Muck Rack journalists have gone back in time. Jodi McFarland with Saginaw News said of hers: “Not cheerful and too long.” For transparency’s sake, ours was “hates media law and all it stands for.” We apologize for 2008 Delia.

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