Tragedy in Kabul

Margherita Stancati and Yaroslav Trofimov at the Wall Street Journal report that Taliban Kill Nine People in Attack on Serena Hotel in Kabul. Polya Lesova there said, “Taliban kill 9 at luxury Kabul hotel, including AFP reporter and two young daughters.” Niraj Warikoo at Detroit Free Press had the frightening details: “At Afghan restaurant, Taliban targeted civilians, ‘running up to people and shooting them point-blank in their face.’”

Yahoo has the sad news that AFP reporter Sardar Ahmad killed in yesterday’s Kabul hotel attack. Jake Tapper added,  “AFP reporter, wife, 2 kids, among 9 killed in hotel attack.” Kim Barker with ProPublica wrote, “RIP Sardar. Your humor, collegiality and spark will be missed. So senseless.” Jim Sciutto from CNN called it, “Taliban sent children to kill children.”

To commemorate Ahmad’s life, Ehsanullah Amiri at the Wall Street Journal tweeted this photo with the caption: “This is Ahmad Sardar of @AFP. Taliban killed him along with his two daughters in Kabul Serena hotel last night. RIP.”

AFP also shared their most recent photo of Ahmad. Randa Habib there explained it was, “taken in the #AFP office in Kabul yesterday. RIP.” Colleague Jennie Matthew said, “There are no words to express the horror. Sardar, you and your family will be in my heart forever.” Janis Mackey Frayer at CTV News tweeted called the incident, “Horrifying and so sad.” Karen Workman at Project Thunderdome shared, “His final story.”

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