#MuckedUp Chat Tuesday: The ethics of using Twitter in journalism

#MuckedUp Chat Tuesday: The ethics of using Twitter in journalism

"Is all of Twitter fair game for journalists?" Slate's Amanda Hess posed that question to all of us last week, and it immediately struck a chord. Is anything that's trending just more fodder for reporting? Are any person's tweets a free-for-all for quoting? So many questions, which is why Muck Rack is ecstatic to announce we’ll be joined for this Tuesday’s tweetchat by Hess. We’ve been big fans of her work since she wrote a Pacific Standard cover story on “Why Women Aren’t Welcome on the Internet,” so we’re honored to have her input on the subject of navigating ethics in social media, and eager to see what she has to tweet.

And what better timing, as just this past week Twitter celebrated its 8th birthday. Everywhere there are stark reminders of how far we’ve come since our first tweets. Just a handful of years later, there are thousands of us with accounts, tweeting daily and sharing links like it’s our job -- because, well, it is, now. Something else has changed over that time, though: with news constantly breaking first on Twitter and other platforms, we’ve begun mining these communication formats for stories the way we've always done with other media in the past. But do traditional ethics change when dealing with social media?

We’re about to find out that answer, and more. Join us for what is certain to be our best #MuckedUp tweetchat yet, this upcoming Tuesday, at 5 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST.

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