Featured journalist: Ji Hyun Lee

Today we're delighted to feature another freelance journalist, Ji Hyun Lee, a Lifestyle and Business reporter with a nose for news and trends. Her recent features include a cover in the Sunday Style section of The New York Times, New York Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and Fortune.com

In Lee's opinion, being a journalist means "[t]elling the great big story with truth and ethics with a sprinkle of humor thrown in." As for why she entered into journalism as a career, she mysteriously writes, "It was an accident." Her advice to aspiring journalists? Short but perfectly sweet: "Don't work for free." Sage words. Don't miss Lee's portfolio, which offers wonderful reads such as "Modern Lessons from Arranged Marriages" and (Lee's personal favorite) "Using Flash Mobs for Wedding Proposals," both for the NY Times.

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