The plane is lost

According to CNN’s Report: Chinese plane spots 'suspicious objects' in Flight 370 search. Robyn Curnow there wrote, “Malaysian airliner's flight ended over Indian Ocean, PM says.” Angela Haupt at U.S. News & World Report tweeted this quote from the story: "They have told us all lives are lost." Alex Fitzpatrick at Time Magazine added, “Analysis that led to Malaysian PM's statement done by British sat firm and investigators.”

BBC updated their coverage on the Hunt for flight MH370. @BBCBreaking tweeted: “Missing #MH370 plane ‘lost’ w/ no survivors, Malaysia Airlines text msg to families says.” Farhan Jimale there added, “LIVE: Malaysia: Plane lost, no survivors.”

And here’s what that text message from Malaysia Airlines looked like. Gigi Graciette with Fox LA reacted: “Hope this wasn't how they were first told!”

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