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Mar 25, 2014

Yesterday's Question of the Day asked …  Czech writer and journalist Karel Čapek was credited with inventing and introducing a new word in 1920, now used globally. What is the word? That would be "robot," or "roboti" in Czech, which came from the Czech word "robota" for "serf labor" and which he helped coin in his play Rosumovi Umělí Roboti (see a scene at right). Many of you also rightly pointed out that though Capek is commonly credited with inventing the word, he later named his brother Josef as the true originator!

Congratulations to Edward Tenner for being the very first to answer that question correctly! Honorable mentions also go out to the following journalists who also got it right: M. Edward BoraskyCraig Pittman at the Tampa Bay TimesHiram Reisner@.l.interpretationsEmily GertzArnold M. Knightly with the Las Vegas Review-JournalKen Walker also with the Tampa Bay Times (who correctly noted the Josef annotation), freelance journalist Amy Zipkin, freelance journalist Annie DanceMitch Cohen, freelance journalist Andrew HoltzPriyanka LalwaniJason HenselRon CasalottiJeanne KirkHollywood HighlandsPhillip Ross (who tweeted us from Prague!), Dan Tynan with Yahoo News (who also shared this recent very relevant byline), Rachel Roh (who also noted the Josef origination), Dagmar Ebaugh, freelancer Rashmee Roshan LallJim Winter with the Dubuque Telegraph HeraldIonut Iamandi (in Romania!), and Bill Chuck with Chicago Sun-Times and Boston Globe! Nice work, everyone.

As for today's question: The very first web browser was invented in 1990, forever changing how journalism is done today. What was it named then, and what was it later renamed? Don't forget to answer both questions!

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